Keith Scott, Under Treasurer

Keith Scott joined the Central California Conference in 2000. A Jamaican by birth, Keith moved to Canada as a teenager, where he studied business, finance and accounting and earned his MBA, CPA, CFP (Certified Financial Planner-Canada), and CGA (Certified General Accountant-Canada), and served as Associate Treasurer of the Ontario Conference.

Keith’s responsibilities as Undertreasurer include overseeing all accounting work, assisting with budget preparations, and reporting to various departments, committees and boards.

“Because everything belongs to God, we are merely stewards,” says Keith, who bases his financial philosophy on 1 Chronicles 29:11-12. “We must manage His assets wisely and be careful in spending, saving, educating & investing. We must seek wise and expert counsel when necessary. And most importantly, we must pray for His leading in handling His assets. Whenever I encounter an accounting challenge (primarily in reconciliation), I pray for God's guidance, and he always reveals the solution. I encourage my staff to do the same.”

Keith is married to Rose, an IT professional with a background in finance, accounting, and dentistry. She is currently a full-time mother to the Scott’s two young sons, Samuel and Josiah. Keith enjoys spending time with his family, running, and playing table tennis and soccer.

2 Tim 1:7 has encouraged Keith many times through the years. “Fear does not come from God. Instead, God gives us power, love, and sound mind,” he explains. “Whatever challenges and difficulties come our way, we can trust in God and know that He will take care of us and stand by us.”


Bonnie Moseley, Accounts Receivable, Church Remittances

For 16½ years, Bonnie Moseley ran the front office for a Fresno dentist. She did scheduling, insurance billing, and interacted with patients. When he sold his practice, she saw an opening at the Central California Conference office and began work in the Accounting Department in October, 2007.

“I’m technically the cashier,” says Bonnie, “but I do a lot more than that.” She handles and receipts all the money that comes into the conference office. She receives all the tithes and offerings from conference churches, records its and sends it on to the union offices. At the end of each month, quarter and year, she creates reports on the monies received.

“The environment in the conference office is very positive,” she says, “and I enjoy the people I work with.”

Bonnie’s two daughters are her biggest joy. Her older daughter, Jennifer, and her husband Tim, are both dental interns. They are expecting their first baby. Heather is studying psychology and is still at home with Bonnie.

Shirley Meyers

In November of 1989, Shirley left her job in bank finance to join the Central California Conference. Since then, she has ably cared for the many aspects of payroll, cutting checks and maintaining payroll records for all of the conference’s pastors, teachers, office employees, camp meeting and summer camp employees, school bus drivers, secretaries and custodians, as well as assisting with general accounting work and much more. In 2007, that meant serving more than 1,500 people!

Shirley enjoys helping people, working with numbers, having Fridays off and working with her coworkers. “And there’s special perks to working here,” she says, “I always get to go to Camp Meeting!

Young children are a special passion of Shirley’s, and she has found many ways to work with them over the years. She is presently involved with Children’s Ministries in her church and is developing a children’s club.

Shirley is married to Earl, a schoolteacher and professional singer. They have two grown sons, Earl and Marc. Her favorite passage of scripture is Revelation 21:1-27, for its description of Heaven and the New Earth. 

Gerald Reynolds, Information Services Director, Assistant Treasurer

Gerald has contributed his time and talents to the Central California Conference since October of 1990. He is the network administrator for the Conference’s Information Services. Much of his time is focused on equipment and software specifications, acquisition, and providing IT support to office personnel. He also oversees the maintenance of the telephone system. He provides IT support and works to keep things running smoothly. As Assistant Treasurer, Gerald handles miscellaneous accounting functions like asset records, internal review and many other tasks. He is also very involved in the day to day maintenance of the accounting software.


When he has time, Gerald enjoys camping and a variety of other outdoor activities with his family. He and his wife Jan, a nurse, have two daughters. Karen works as an office assistant in the Education Department, and Ann is a post-graduate student studying Outdoor Education.